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A Proposal in Edinburgh Scotland

Sometimes we get to shoot Proposals and this rainy one took place in none other than the royal burgh of Edinburgh.

We sometimes do photo sessions for a company called Flytographer which are often the likes of proposals, family shoots and even solo travellers who want memories of a significant trip. We really enjoy doing this on the side and meeting new and interesting people from all over the world. We once had a Canadian family who brought a Canadian care package as a thanks!

Anyway back to the proposal! she said Yes of course!!!

Enjoy x

Proposal Edinburgh-2.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-4.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-6.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-17.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-20.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-21.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-26.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-25.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-32.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-35.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-37.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-40.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-41.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-42.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-43.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-45.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-46.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-49.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-50.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-51.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-52.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-55.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-56.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-57.jpg

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