Sometimes we get to shoot Proposals and this rainy one took place in none other than the royal burgh of Edinburgh.

We sometimes do photo sessions for a company called Flytographer which are often the likes of proposals, family shoots and even solo travellers who want memories of a significant trip. We really enjoy doing this on the side and meeting new and interesting people from all over the world. We once had a Canadian family who brought a Canadian care package as a thanks!

Anyway back to the proposal! she said Yes of course!!!

Enjoy x

Proposal Edinburgh-2.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-4.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-6.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-17.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-20.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-21.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-26.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-25.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-32.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-35.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-37.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-40.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-41.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-42.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-43.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-45.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-46.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-49.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-50.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-51.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-52.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-55.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-56.jpg
Proposal Edinburgh-57.jpg



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