Thanks again for sharing your special day with us! We had an incredible time photographing the two of you along with your nearest and dearest, and we are very excited to share the photos with you. We have sent you a PIN code, so you can download the full glorious gallery.

STEP 1: View & share your ONLINE GALLERY. Share your photos with family & friends by directing them to this page https://www.thegibsonsphotography.co.uk/clients/ and give them the password to gain access.
If you share these photos online, we would totally appreciate it if you could tag us or/ and credit as: “www.thegibsonsphotography.co.uk”. This always makes us feel that you are so happy with your photos that you need to tell your friends and family about us. This helps grow our little business as well… so please do recommend us. Thank you so much!

STEP 2: Download the HIGH & LOW RES PHOTOS to your computer for safekeeping & printing. Just click on the Download icon near the top right when viewing the gallery as a whole (this will allow you to download the entire collection) and enter the PIN provided.
This link expires in 2 months, but we can generate you a new one at any time – just give us a shout.

STEP 3: Send us your FEEDBACK. How were we on the day? What did you think of the photos? We are so excited to know what you think. Any love is appreciated so we know we did an awesome job for you. A couple of words are better than silence… and keeps Chantal’s worrying brain at rest.

If it is part of your package, we will be sending you your USB gift package which will have all of your photographs, your slideshow and print licence on it too.

If you have bought an album, or plan to do so you can select your favourites by clicking on the wee love hearts on each photograph. If you’re not sure, pop us an email and we can help you out : )

You can purchase prints by clicking the cart on each photograph, or download and print your own, but don’t forget opting for a lower priced printer will result in a lower quality print : (


As with our awesome newlyweds, you can purchase prints by clicking on the cart on each photograph. Woohoo! The profits we make on our print sales go to charity which is nice we think : )

You can also opt to purchase downloads instead, but please be aware that if you choose an instant style printer (e.g. Asda) that your prints may not look as pretty as they could.


We are happy to share some of our images with you for your social media as long as our newlyweds are agreeable too. So please ask them before reaching out to us.

You have a few options; you can either purchase digital downloads (just keep an eye out for ‘Supplier Digital Download Licence’ in the store) or you can pick up to 5 images and we will watermark them for free. If you’d like photographs for marketing please contact us directly for pricing.


Please do not add filters to, re-edit or alter our images. Copyright Law extends it’s protection to the editing of creative works. If you want anything edited, let us know. We have gone to a lot of effort to create a photograph, so please respect it – thank you : )

If you’ve read this far then we salute you – and you can use the discount code ‘penguin’ to receive 10% off your purchases.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Our email is scott@thegibsonsphotography.co.uk

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