Matthew proposed to Mhairi at Firkin point…so they decided to go back to the shores of Loch Lomond for their engagement shoot! A special spot for an awesome couple! Crazy to think I’ve known Mhairi since the first year I spent in Scotland which goes back to 2004! We photograph’d their wedding at Kinkell Byre back in Auust so keep your eyes out on the blog for their incredible wedding day!

It was such a lovely, sunny and warm afternoon for their shoot and was lovely to catch up with the both of them. This was our first time meeting Matthew since he is from Wales and that is where they both call home. Since Matthew proposed at Firkin point they were especially keen on going there to capture these photos. Love the thought that they will be able to look at these photos and have memories from the proposal and the engagement shoot!

Chantal x
engagement shoot loch lomond-1.jpg
engagement shoot loch lomond-2.jpg
engagement shoot loch lomond-3.jpg
engagement shoot loch lomond-4.jpg
engagement shoot loch lomond-5.jpg
engagement shoot loch lomond-6.jpg
engagement shoot loch lomond-7.jpg
engagement shoot loch lomond-9.jpg
engagement shoot loch lomond-10.jpg
engagement shoot loch lomond-11.jpg



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