Natural family photoshoot in Glasgow

Every family has a story.

Let us tell yours…

Family photoshoot

Unposed, unfiltered, unforgettable


Here are some compelling reasons to consider having an indoor family photoshoot:

  1. Controlled Environment
  2. You feel more comfortable and relaxed
  3. Your home provides a versatile canvas for capturing your family’s personality
  4. Avoid the rain
  5. You can incorporate elements that reflect your family’s interests
  6. You can schedule a session at your convenience avoiding crowded public spaces and ensuring a more focused and intimate experience
  7. Focus on connecting and enjoying each other’s company.


Here are some compelling reasons to consider having an outdoor family photoshoot:

  1. Nature provides a scenic backdrop for your family portraits, infusing them with a sense of tranquility and harmony
  2. We can get a variety of natural lighting conditions, from soft, diffused sunlight to dramatic, directional light
  3. Add a sense of freshness and authenticity to your family portraits
  4. Encourage natural movement and playful interactions, capturing your family’s true personalities and emotions
  5. Explore new places and bond over shared experiences
  6. Capture the beauty of different seasons, from the vibrant greens and blooming flowers of spring to the fiery autumn foliage and cozy winter scenes
  7. Ample space for your family to move freely and express themselves without feeling confined
  8. Natural landscapes offer a vast array of backgrounds and props, from towering trees and cascading waterfalls to bustling city streets and charming parks

Either way, create lasting memories: preserve precious memories and celebrate your family’s unique bond. These photographs can be cherished for years to come, reminding you of special moments and creating a visual record of your family’s journey.

These photographs become heirlooms, passed down through families, reminding future generations of the bonds, adventures, and love that define your family’s story.

Motherhood photo session in our Glasgow studio
Gran, Mum and daughter. Three generations in one picture.
Midwife holding a newborn baby and mum reaching for her toes
Mum, dad and their two daughters enjoying the back garden in the sun. Fun times running about in the grass photo shoot

But I hate having my photo taken.

We’ve helped hundreds of families capture these beautiful moments for the last ten years. People trust us to make them look their best and elevate the style of images to wow them.

See for yourself…

Family photoshoot

Giving children experiences instead of toys can boost their brain development especially for emotional expression and memory.

Having this experience together supports feelings of closeness in relationships.

Displaying photos of children boosts their sense of being.

Woah, that’s deep! : )

Glasgow family photography sessions

from £180 (mini sessions incl. 8 images with the option to buy more)


£325 (60 minutes and you get ALL your photos)

These photos are going to be


in our family for ever.

You just always need to know what an utter talent and gift you have! I am


with photos and so so glad to have so many precious ones thanks to you!!!xx”

A maternity session captures mum’s beauty and form in the final weeks before life changes forever. Partners are welcome to take part during this special time.

We recommend this takes place between 32-37 weeks of pregnancy.

Newborn baby photography is best completed within the first 12 days after your baby is born. This is the time to capture those precious first images of your baby and all their perfect, tiny features. They settle into a very deep sleep at this age allowing us to pose and soothe into those beautiful curled up positions.

We are professional and support new born baby saftey practices and we are fully insured.

A relaxed photoshoot with minimal posing with natural surroundings.

We aim to make it fun for your little one and yourselves as parents. We will capture their precious little personalities.

We will come into the comfort of your own home or in good weather the photo shoot can be taken outside.

We aim to capture the essence of what your family is all about. Let us know of a special place you go to as a family or perhaps a hobby you share together. Why not use this as a theme for the photo shoot?

We will take various shots of your family and individual photos. A lot of them will be candid and in the moment. Pets welcome : )

Planning a special celebration such as a Birthday Party, Wedding Anniversary, a christening/baptism, or family reunion? We can photograph your event in a similar style to our wedding coverage with a combination of informal and formal images.




All family sessions done on weekdays as we do weddings on the weekend. We are flexible for when everyone would be available, when babies arrive or for the weather if outside. It is best to book in as soon as to avoid disappointment. Book a date when you think is best.


We’re always happy to travel to you. Locations outwith a 10 mile radius of Cathcart, Glasgow can incur travel costs.


Get in contact with us, give us some details, we take a £100 booking fee (remainder due by the session date) and ask you to sign an agreement (which we send by email. All done online. It’s easy!) and then that’s you : )


Our sessions are an hour long which gives us plenty of time to get lots of variation. If you have lots of plans for the session let us know and we will work with you to get all that you would like even if it means we need to schedule more time.

Family photoshoot