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Scotland is an absolutely beauty on most days but some days just go above and beyond….like this day for Katherine and Mark’s engagement shoot in Luss. The light was soft, the day was warm and there was even a slight haze.  For photographers who thrive on usual beautiful natural light we were in absolute photographer heaven. I was in love with everything that day and I was so happy that we had a shoot! Lets just say you have to take advantage of those days in Scotland with such varied weather on a daily basis. We also took advantage of having a wee wonder around ourselves following the shoot. It’s always lovely to take the time out for ourselves and why not when we drive off to a location shoot! Especially when you are on Loch Lomond. Looking forward to so many more visits to Loch Lomond with our wee Louie in tow!

We had the pleasure of photographing Katy and Mark’s wedding at The Signet Library in Edinburgh in May of 2015. To shoot there was incredible and I mean these 2 were an absolute pleasure to photograph as well. We loved their wedding so much we submitted it to JuneBug Weddings which they featured! This was a notch in the career accomplishments. Have a look at it here. We are also listed on their website so do check it out. Proud as anything to be listed!


Chantal and Scott x

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