Last springtime Scott did an impromptu maternity shoot of me in Pollok Park, Glasgow. We were waiting for our couple for their engagement shoot and the light was so beautiful it was silly not to capture photographs of my growing belly. It’s so hard to believe that our wee Louie was in there. I can remember wondering what his little personality would be like, what he would look like and sound like when he giggled or cried. I can now not even imagine a life without his wee smile when he scrunches up his nose, his crazy and oh so adorable facial expressions due to his eyebrows, playing peek-a-boo with him to hear him laugh uncontrollably, sleepy cuddles, his snore, walks in the park together… but going back to the pregnancy; it really is really such an amazing time in a woman’s life. To feel life growing inside and to hold that knowledge that that little person inside you will soon be it’s mom and dads whole entire world. Yes definitely worth capturing! It’s thoughts, and emotions, and hope for the future captured alongside what you see in the actual photo.

Chantal x
maternity shoot glasgow 1-1.jpg
maternity shoot glasgow 1-2.jpg
maternity shoot glasgow 1-3.jpg

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maternity shoot glasgow 1-8.jpg
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