Congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting time, isn’t it?

We know just how it feels to be planning a wedding. We followed our hearts all the way to planning our own just a year after meeting, because when you know, you know.

If you’re anything like us, you take pleasure in nature, find the romance in pastel colours, and breathe more easily when everything feels organised so you can chill.

Like your wedding.

You’re dreaming of a relaxed celebration, filled with the key elements but with so much excitement for all the little moments in between.

And that’s exactly the way we’ll capture it.

what we


We know you won’t feel comfortable posing for traditional wedding photos, and that you might feel self-conscious in front of the camera. We work unobtrusively, seeking to record the way things naturally unfold – gently, quietly, because it’s about you, not us.

Images forever tell the story of your day. They’ll never let you forget the way you felt, so that you can relive it over and over again. On a day that’s coming, these photographs will be all you have left. That’s when their true value will become
clear, increasing with every day that passes. You’ll see the memories on your walls or hold them in your hands, long after all the other elements of the day have gone.

That’s why deciding on your photographer is a big decision.

But how do you choose who to entrust with your memories?

We can offer you the wisdom of our decade-long experience in both photography and wedding planning, to support you in the countdown to your big day.

You’ll love our soft, light and romantic style of fine art wedding photography if you’re a fan of pastels and enjoy creative details. You might enjoy working with us if you too feel that preparation is the key to feeling relaxed on the day.

With a duo of photographers, you’ll know we’ll be able to maximise coverage with different angles and independent focuses, so even if you miss a moment, we won’t. Partners in life and in business, our relationship means we’re always on the same page with planning, shooting, editing and delivering your wedding gallery. Whilst other photographers might offer a second shooter, it’s our equal dynamic which brings a smooth approach and a cohesive image collection.

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why choose


It can be overwhelming deciding on your photographer. Here are some reasons to choose us.
First and foremost we would hope you would choose us for our style and approach

We describe our style as documentary which is perfect if you’re camera shy or self-conscious. Our style is light, bright and beautiful. Other words to descibe us would be colourful, relaxed, natural, fun, airy, soft, romantic, fresh, dynamic, unique, fine art, elegant, warm, dreamy.. you get the idea : )

No awkward posing or hands on hips here. Even the formal photos are not posed. We simply direct people into position, advise what makes the best shot then click away until we have a good one of everyone.

We capture real moments of you and your guests having a fantastic time, laughing, crying, and dancing the night away!

Our aim is to capture the atmosphere of your day, which includes the emotional, extra special and unseen happy moments too. This day only happens once.

You get two photographers

This allows us to get both sets of preparations in the morning to tell your story from both sides.

You get more coverage and different angles on all aspects of the day meaning more of a chance to get as many of those important moments of the day, even the unexpected ones.

We can achieve all of the family formals in a short space of time. One of us is continually taking the formal photos while the other is getting the people ready for the next shots.

We backup each other and add creativity by bringing each of our own unique vision.

You end up with more images.

We have worked together for so long we work seamlessly together.

The expertise we would bring having shot over 500 weddings

We know exactly how to prepare and plan for a wedding. We work with our couples on the lead up to the wedding using our timeline and photo list template to make it super easy. We create an experience of as little stress as possible in planning and on the day itself. We get all our photos done in a timely manner and most importantly allow you to spend time with your guests.

We are clear and upfront about costs with us

All day coverage at a set price. We do not charge by the hour and no surprises down the line.

We are with you from preparations through to dancing. You do not have to worry about running behind schedule and having to pay to keep us longer. Weddings are tough to keep on schedule (although we are great with working with your other suppliers/venue to keep things moving smoothly and take the stress away from you).

You pretty much get all images from your day both large for printing and small for sharing

We give you all we can from the day. Sometimes a shot may not be artistically great but to you it may have a special connection because of the subject matter. These are typically moments caught of important people or moments in the day. If we think this is one of them we leave it in for you to decide. More choice to you and what are these images for us to keep them to ourselves.

Us blending in and being a part of the day. Being your support for the day, taking away any stresses

If anything is worrying you then simply tell us and there is a good chance we will know how to resolve it. We dress the part for the day, we are respectful of everyone (we are all there to enjoy the day) and we know how to have fun : )

We are a family owned and operated business that loves what we do

We are people just like you! You will be getting quite involved with the wedding industry and we work in it so we know it inside and out. We also embrace a lifestyle of enjoying happy moments in our lives, celebrating and documenting them. We also put a lot of thought and care into what we do to make sure it is of the highest quality and things are made easy for you.

Our perfect Google and Facebook review stats will show you that we are quality providers and pride ourselves in making our customers happy
  • We have a knack of knowing when special moments are happening.. and where to hang out to capture all the best shots.
  • We know when your mum is about to cry.
  • We know how to make your man look really cool.
  • And how to make you look incredible.
  • We go crazy for confetti.
  • And emotions are our thing.

We keep everything electronic to save unecessary waste and for albums, prints and products we use local manufacturers who are responsible businesses too.

Our eco-friendly packaging is designed to minimise waste and our shipping is carbon neutral.

Like any business, our work to protect the environment is never done and we’re always looking for new ways to improve and give back. If you have any approaches or eco suppliers to suggest, we’d love to hear about them.

If you think great photos aren’t important, wait until they are all you have left.

We’d love to hear about your hopes and wishes for your wedding day. Your story is the one we’d love our images to tell.

For pricing please fill in the below contact form so we know you are interested. You will be directed to a new page with our pricing and you will receive an email from us for a chat.

let’s do


perfect partnership!

Chantal’s enthusiasm and passion for a perfect shot is almost infectious

whereas, in contrast, Scott brings an air of calmness and softness to proceedings. An absolute perfect partnership!

Joey & Eddie