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Lovely autumn colours as a couple celebrate their engagement

Engagement photos are often the first time you, as a couple, will have pictures taken professionally. Admittedly, it can be a little nerve-racking but we have some tips on achieving those gorgeous captures for yourself.


Ask your significant other what their favourite outfit of yours is. We want to dress for them as much as we dress for ourselves because after all, they will be looking at these photos for years to come as well. If you are planning on buying something new, try to match the style, shape and colour palette of that original, favourite outfit.

Engagement photo shoot up in Blamaha loch lomond


Looking confident and relaxed on camera is all about feeling comfortable. Choose hair and makeup that isn’t too far from what you enjoy wearing on a daily basis. Beauty professionals are recommended for your picture day, but be sure to bring examples of your inspiration along with examples of what you wear on a daily basis so they can find a balance.


Use your wedding planning (colours, aesthetic, style) as inspiration as a jumping off point for your engagement photos. It will give your guests a taste of what is to come, and it will create cohesion throughout your experience.


Choose a setting that means something to you and your fiancé. You will feel more comfortable in a familiar place, and your photos will mean that much more to you. You don’t need to go to a spectacular mountain for your images to look beautiful. Just make sure there is plenty of natural light coming through the space, and your love for each other will do the rest.


Identify two to three things that you do together as a couple that has helped build your relationship, and think about incorporating them into your photo session. Is it cooking? Is it coffee and reading? Is it golf? Most likely you will be doing those things together long into your marriage, so photos of those pastimes will be treasures.


Choose two outfits each, one casual and one a little dressier. You will create variety in your photos, as well as have images that represent two different sides of your style.


Layering with a jacket or sweater is a great idea. Start by taking photos with it on and then remove layers to give you more variety in your images. Applying the same idea to accessories can create a dynamic outfit. Although, be cautious to avoid trendy pieces as those can date your photos quickly. Always ask yourself if what you’re adding is enhancing or taking away from your outfit.


Avoid matching outfits. Although you are a couple, you are still two different people that most likely don’t match one another on a daily basis. So, let your personality as a couple shine through by dressing like you usually do!


Make sure the focus is on the two of you by avoiding matching the decor and colours of the setting. For example, if you have chosen an outdoor setting in the woods, don’t wear shades of green and brown because you will camouflage. Instead, choose colours are complementary and honour the setting without causing you to blend in.


Remember you are getting these photos to document your love and commitment to one another. The second your outfit, hair, makeup or setting feels uncomfortable or unnatural to you, change it! You will feel at ease if you enjoying each other and the celebration of your love is of the upmost importance to everyone.

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