The Gibsons and Lachances + a Willman hit up Vancouver

Sep 13, 2016 | Travel

Cannot even begin to put into words just how special this trip was for us as a family!

I am sharing with you all part one of our EPIC 2 week trip to Vancouver! I have to use the word epic as my brother got married to the most incredible and special person I have the pleasure of knowing. I am so incredibly happy for Jean-Claude and Shabby. It was an honour to be a bridesmaid and to share some amazing happy times with family and friends we have not seen in so long.

Along with people we had not seen in years and years, I had not been to BC since the mid 90’s so it felt amazing to be back! Absolutely adore BC and to share it with my sons and my husband was so incredible!

Enjoy! x


Here is a view from our cousin Doug and his wife Sharon’s place! Incredible!

vancouver trip july 2016-21

Walk with my dad and Louie

vancouver trip july 2016-20

This wee moment was just as sweet as it looks!

vancouver-trip-july-2016-1.jpgvancouver trip july 2016-2vancouver trip july 2016-3vancouver trip july 2016-4vancouver trip july 2016-7vancouver trip july 2016-8vancouver trip july 2016-10


vancouver trip july 2016-11vancouver trip july 2016-14vancouver trip july 2016-15vancouver trip july 2016-16vancouver trip july 2016-19vancouver trip july 2016-22

JC and Shabby’s wedding rehearsal at the Antikichi’s home in West Vancouver!

vancouver trip july 2016-25


vancouver trip july 2016-28vancouver trip july 2016-29vancouver trip july 2016-30vancouver trip july 2016-32

I have to say I LOVED dancing to Persian music. Persians do know how to party and dance all night long! As bridesmaids we had to do the knife dance so here we were practicing. So fun!

vancouver trip july 2016-35

Little Kimia wanting in on the dancing!

vancouver trip july 2016-40vancouver trip july 2016-41vancouver trip july 2016-37vancouver trip july 2016-43vancouver trip july 2016-51vancouver trip july 2016-44

Louie and his uncle JC

vancouver trip july 2016-46

I mean that view onto Stanley park!! and the sunset was so beautiful!

vancouver trip july 2016-52vancouver trip july 2016-53vancouver trip july 2016-54vancouver trip july 2016-55vancouver trip july 2016-58vancouver trip july 2016-64vancouver trip july 2016-65vancouver trip july 2016-67vancouver trip july 2016-68vancouver trip july 2016-71vancouver trip july 2016-70vancouver trip july 2016-72vancouver trip july 2016-73vancouver trip july 2016-74vancouver trip july 2016-75vancouver trip july 2016-78vancouver trip july 2016-82vancouver trip july 2016-80vancouver trip july 2016-81vancouver trip july 2016-85

Louie’s first time on a train! The Skytrain

vancouver trip july 2016-86vancouver trip july 2016-87vancouver trip july 2016-88vancouver trip july 2016-89vancouver trip july 2016-91vancouver trip july 2016-92vancouver trip july 2016-93vancouver trip july 2016-94vancouver trip july 2016-95vancouver trip july 2016-97

Falling asleep whilst eating! boys got some skills! haha

vancouver trip july 2016-98vancouver trip july 2016-99vancouver trip july 2016-100vancouver trip july 2016-101vancouver trip july 2016-102vancouver trip july 2016-103vancouver trip july 2016-105vancouver trip july 2016-106vancouver trip july 2016-108vancouver trip july 2016-109vancouver trip july 2016-110vancouver trip july 2016-111vancouver trip july 2016-112vancouver trip july 2016-113vancouver trip july 2016-114vancouver trip july 2016-115vancouver trip july 2016-118vancouver trip july 2016-117vancouver trip july 2016-125

Louie’s little cousins in Burnaby Kennedi and McKinley! He LOVED them!

vancouver trip july 2016-120vancouver trip july 2016-122vancouver trip july 2016-123vancouver trip july 2016-124vancouver trip july 2016-126vancouver trip july 2016-127



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