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Birth…that moment in time where life begins…where for parents that little tiny being  carried inside the mothers womb…the tiny being with the tiny heart beat…the tiny being who kicked up a storm to physically remind you that life would forever be different but oh so amazing….that moment where for parents that little tiny being carried inside the mothers womb comes into their world, takes its first breath and all you ever imagined during 9 months is real and here. Nothing and I mean nothing in this world comes close to the immensity of that single moment. The moment where you become this tiny beings everything and they become yours.

Being given the opportunity to capture this is a gift, not a small gift but a huge and momentous life changing gift! Thank you so much to Cat and Colin for asking me to capture that moment and those leading up to and afterwards moments! It was a huge honour.

I had met up with Cat, Colin and wee 16 month old Correigh a few weeks before the birth. Cat was due at the end of April and we chatted for ages getting to know each other, discussing the birth and how I would photograph it. I eased any worries for Colin in terms of what my presence there would be like as they were doing hypno birthing. I had a beautiful hypno birth for Louie so my presence there would be calm and inobtrusive.

I am so glad I met them as 1 day after Mother’s Day Carris entered this world a bit earlier than anticipated. As I rushed to the hospital at 10:30 in the evening when most were ready for bed I was feeling a rush of excitement and adrenaline at the prospect of capturing such a huge life changing moment in a couples life.

I arrived at the hospital and ran through the doors apparently having made it ahead of cat and Colin. Cat’s step sister hadn’t arrived yet so I stepped in and gave comfort to wee Correigh. I thought if I missed the birth it was worth it for cuddling this wee thing crying for her mama. Colin needed to be there for Cat as they had practiced in hypno birthing.

I made it though in the end and just in time with what was to be the most incredible birth! Carris was born in her caul! From my perspective with the lights on for the nurses all I could see was dark hair as there was so much amniotic fluid above and being compressed. However, apparently from above and from daddy’s view he could see her eyes and they were wide open. Amazing!! The caul burst as she was put down on the birthing bed and she let out a cry to everyone’s relief. Incredible. Beyond incredible.

Not only was Carris’s entry into the world amazing but the unit that her mom and dad are for their two little girls. It has made my heart sing. The whole reasoning behind having the birth photographed was for them to show their daughters in photos just how powerful and strong women are. I mean how beautiful is that? What a gift!!

Needless to say you’ve chosen your mummy and daddy well little one! Xx

Chantal photographed another birth last year which you can have a peek at here! Also another one is lined up in June!



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