Where do I begin…I finally realised my dream of photographing a birth and it was absolutely incredible and empowering. I thought delivering my wee Louie naturally with no drugs was insane enough in giving me the biggest kick of adrenaline I have ever had but this was a close second. To be present of something so special and witness how strong us women truly are was a gift and I thank Laura an Ivan for giving me that opportunity!

Laura contacted me finding some of my work on Pinterest. She was interested in some maternity photos and newborn photos of the little bundle of joy entering their world. Had such a great time taking photos of Laura and Ivan while expecting. Have a look at the photos we captured here. We hit it off right away and Laura and I actually became fast friends meeting up for waffles at biscuit just before she delivered wee Esme.

Pinterest played a huge role in making this opportunity arise. We shared a board with inspiration for the maternity shoot and newborn shoot which was a great way to be on the same page with these expecting parents on how they wanted to create memories of their first born. I noticed there were a few hospital based photos pinned onto the board. I sat and sat looking at it trying to drum up the courage to ask. It took me a while but I rounded up all the strength I could get and asked the question. I was understanding from the very beginning, being sensitive to the fact that this was such a personal moment in their lives, so to share it with someone else was a big ask…but they said yes and I became part of the birth plans. Exciting stuff!

Now came the time where I was on call and I mean on call for over 3 weeks. I did not want to take a chance and miss out on this so I slept on the couch with my phone left on every single night. We live in a one bedroom flat so sleeping in the same bedroom as my then 6 month old was out of the question. Thank god our couch is comfy! but I am that dedicated and I never give up on dreams and this was something I was not missing out on. Not only that, but I was asked to capture a moment so significant in their lives and irreplaceable.

The 12th of April came along and I got the call to come down to the hospital! I have never felt so rushed to get somewhere. I could not contain myself in the taxi. Was so afraid to miss it. Births are all different, some slow some fast; there was no way of knowing. I must of looked so lost trying to find the right person to ask to let me in but I made it. The midwife was so incredible and made me feel welcome from the get go which was so helpful for me to capture those moments without feeling like I was interfering.

As soon as I walked in the mood was so jovial and relaxed. Laura was cracking jokes, Ivan was being an amazing and ever smiling birth partner! It heightened the whole experience and I got to not only take photos but to witness something truly amazing. I can truly say to Esme that her mom is so incredible and was so strong and positive bringing her into this world…that her dad was so supportive and so conscious of every moment for his wife, to be there by her side to do anything for her even if it was just to see his smile. I know from what they both told me that it was tough right up until they got into the labour suite but all I saw was how bloody strong this incredible mom to be was and what she went through and was going through she did with grace and a sense of humour and a bit of gas and air.

At approx. 10:57 Esme made her entrance into this world with the most gorgeous red hair and full of personality. I was so happy for Laura to get that crucial skin to skin time with her daughter until she was taken away to get weighed and wrapped up. From that moment that little red headed girl entered the world she was her parents world and to witness something this powerful is a gift. Laura and Ivan I thank you for this gift and I thank you for allowing me to share just how beautiful giving birth can be!
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