Earlier this year I (Chantal) was part of an incredible shoot at Govanhill Baths which the lovely Melanie from Briar Rose Design asked me to be a part of. I knew from the beginning this was going to be one of those epic collaborations which it turned out to be. From beginning to end, from the concept, from the walk around the venue…everything…was incredibly exciting and inspiring. I had the honour of photographing a beautiful wedding which we worked on together last year so I knew just how gorgeous her floral work is. Have a peek at that Strathallan Castle wedding here…it’s a beauty!

I urge you to have a read of Melanie’s blog as she goes into detail on the inspiration behind her thoughts and ideas for this shoot and also about Govanhill Baths story and the history which is absolutely fascinating. Pop on over for a read here. She is an absolute talent and it was an absolute honour to have been asked to be a part of it all.

I can honestly say nothing beats working with a group of talented suppliers and coming together to create something beautiful and unique. Lets also not forget our wonderful model Maddy Rose! She was absolutely incredible to work with. I also think you will all agree she rocked it. She looks absolutely beautiful.

Here is a list of everyone who contributed in making this shoot so successful!

The beautiful and delicate lingerie was provided by Wendy and Natasha the incredibly talented ladies behind Lovedeluxe.

That make up! Our talented MUA was none other than the lovely Cat Robertson.

Loved the hair which was done by Laura Slaven for Anne Marie McElroy


To top such a successful shoot of we were also featured in the Sunday Herald and on Way out Wedding Blog which you can take a peek at here.

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