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September wedding at The Cruin


Absolutely adored this September wedding at The Cruin! It was such an honour to photograph Jill and Magnus’s wedding after photographing Jill’s brother’s wedding over 4 years ago now. It is always such a compliment to be asked by multiple family members and to see all those familiar faces again.

Since we saw them last they brought an adorable son Anders into the world. With a name like that he is definitely a character and he is an absolute cutie who provided us with plenty of photo opportunities!

On the day itself, the ceremony took place at the beautiful Luss Church and the rest of the day started and continued on at The Cruin. Both venues being lochside and beautiful locations creating an amazing atmosphere. It rained but it is Scotland after all!

Huge congrats again to Mr & Mrs Toremar!

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Massive shout out to these amazing suppliers!

Wedding Dress // Ivory Pinks  Bridesmaids Dresses // Carolyn Baxter Boutique Kilts // MacGregor MacDuff  Hair // Amy Black Makeup // Michelle Allison MUA  Jewellers // Tim Sharp  Flowers // Mood Flowers   Wedding Stationary // By Invitation Only   Music // Capella String Quartet   Venue decorating // Cromlech Events   Cake // Liggy’s Cake Company   Wedding Band // Aurora Wedding Band   Video // YG Productions  Piper // CWH Piping

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