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You do not want to miss this French Scottish wedding at Murthly Castle in beautiful Perthshire Scotland! The day was a perfect mix of style, romance and honest and true emotional moments! When you are in love you’re in love! Sean & Jennyfer have known each other since they were children ( they lived in the same apartment block! How cool! ) so spending their life together for these two is on a whole other level with literally nearly a lifetime of memories!

The day started off at Ballathie Hotel where I ( Chantal ) caught up with the girls during their preps. Jennyfer is from Paris as were all her maids so it was rather lovely to get to speak French here and there ( did you know I speak French and Italian fluently? ). The girls were an absolute hoot so I knew we were in for an amazing day! which it was!

As we drove up the drive towards the grounds of Murthly Castle I fell in love with it more and more. I can honestly say that this is one of the most beautiful venues we have ever had the opportunity to shoot at. With its own chapel, surrounded by a beautiful forest with the biggest ferns I have ever seen, it’s incredibly well kept and enchanting grounds and last but not least the castle itself; it truly is a gem of a wedding venue!

Not only is the venue beautiful on its own but it was beautifully styled by Janice from Blue Thistle Weddings along with Jennyfer and Sean. I particularly loved the floral hoops and lanterns hanging from the huge tree which stands out on the grounds of the castle where the marquee was set up. As you all know I love a good tree! The kids also had a corner with lawn games to play with and had an entertainer for the evening while the parents mingled and enjoyed the speeches!

So, in conclusion, it truly was a perfect day! Want to know how they pulled it off?

A few tips for planning your wedding from abroad!

  • Get help. Look into a wedding planner or even ask your photographer for suggestions as they know a whole heck of a lot of amazing suppliers
  • Do your research and go with what makes your heart sing. Your gut will be your best tool
  • Know from the get-go that it rains a lot in Scotland so if you have a dry day you are very lucky! However, the saying goes “lucky the bride the rain falls on”
  • Don’t rush things on the day with a tight schedule. You’ll want to take advantage of getting your photos taken. Scotland is so incredibly beautiful and atmospheric.
  • Mix things up. Meaning, include some of the customs and style of where you are from into the day.

Hope these tips help! Without further ado have a look at their beautiful day below! Enjoy!

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Thanks so much to Sean and Jennyfer for booking us and giving us the honour to be a part of their journey. Here is what they had to say about us and we are so thankful! Also, a massive thanks to Janice from Blue Thistle Weddings for recomending us so often! We appreciate it alot and love working with you.

” We highly recommend the Gibsons. They combined professionalism, easily guiding us through the day in order to get the best shots in a minimal amount of time, and friendliness, always smiling and in a great mood. We also discovered that because they are a couple they could spread out to capture the best photos, for example with Chantal following the bride before the wedding, while Scott was shadowing the groom. Many of our friends, including some who work in photography, have since commented on how great the photos have turned out. My husband and I absolutely love them, and I look at them on a daily basis”

Want their look? Here is a full list of suppliers!

Venue //  Murthly Castle   Wedding Planner //  Blue Thistle Weddings  Grooms suit  //  Dolce & Gabbana   Rings  //  Madim    Wedding Dress //  Marie Laporte   Bridesmaids Dresses  //  JJ House   Bridal Shoes //  Patricia Blanchet    Hair & Makeup  //  JD Bridal Hair & Makeup   Florist //  Coach House Flowers   Celebrant  //  Jack Lee (Sean’s cousin )   Marquee  //  Myreton Marquee   Crockery Hire  //  88 Events   Catering  //  Season Catering   Favours  // Six Penny Blue Wedding Cake  //  Liggy’s Cakes   Wedding Band // The True Loves 

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